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Why choose Quality Tours as your partner?

1. Experience

For the last 30 years, Quality Tours ApS has been working as a gross seller, sending more than 300.000 all-around the world cruise guests’ primary to Russia, Ukraine, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Danube countries. As one of the largest Scandinavian cruise operator specialized in the eastern region, Quality Tours has been the “hidden key” & “technical arranger” to all major tour operators for many years, such as a 65 Ferie, Best Travel, Scandinavian Cruise Center (Denmark), Grand Production (Sweden), Giver Viaggi (Italy), Escape, Vista Travel and Aller (Norway), Plein Vent (France), Scantours, Studiosus (Germany), Value World Tours (USA), World Travel (The Netherlands) , ZIM Tours (Greece), Amira Tours (Turkey), etc.

2. Professionalism

Our shipboard and land-based staff is involved in every step, from planning the itinerary and scheduling flights, to customizing shore arrangements and obtaining tickets for cultural performances. Our cruise managers, who have great cruise experience and have been in the business from its very start, are yet another guarantee for success and satisfaction as our experienced land partners we are dealing with.

3. Itineraries

Our cruise itineraries are professionally chosen and continuously upgraded to meet the clients' requirements. Routes include historic and cultural sites as well as famed landscapes, which have inspired art and literature for centuries. We started with well known program as “Catherina the Great” and famous “Mayakovski” cruiser in Russia from the faraway city of Perm, created the first our “Single Club” for single travellers, coming to our masterpiece program “Five Danube capitals”; we were the first to introduce the Baykal Lake to Scandinavian cruise market, as amazing Danube Delta to the bird watchers; we are the founder of the well-known “Jarak” high-light optional familiar to Danube cruise lovers, and many of them you maybe about instead of for…

4. Value

Chartering full ships is the main reason for us being able to offer favourable prices; giving our partners the possibility to take smaller allotment portions at still very attractive rates. Our experience in marketing this program and our buying power, allow us to offer the most competitive rates on the current market.